Driving the Energy Transition with Data Science_

Our Expertise


Renewable Generation

With expertise in price optimisation, power forecasting, and curtailment & cannibalisation we can help you make the most out of your assets. FEA is currently working on spatial correlation of curtailment in the UK market and developing nowcasting of power available of wind farms.


Demand Side Response

FEA has conducted analysis of consumer response to time-of-use tariffs, forecasting extreme frequency events, and scenario modelling of UK storage. As the need for DSR grows we can provide you deeper insight into the potential of this emerging sector.


Built Environment

We have a breadth of experience in smart meter analytics, energy demand modelling, and heat pump profiling.

Latest Blog

FEA Wins Zeigo EcoHack 2020 Hackathon

by Connor Galbraith & Ayrton Bourn, 26th October, 2020

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a key financial instrument for opening up access to renewable electricity for large commercial users - providing certainty for both the consumer and supplier on prices and volumes up to decades in advance. Additionally, PPAs provide hedging for customers with critical processes, such as heavy industry, as well as lock in demand for new renewable power projects at the inception stage....

Our Services


Market Analysis

With more than 20 years of energy sector experience between us we have great knowledge to form the basis of sector analysis. We have particular expertise in UK electricity markets (wholesale, balancing, frequency response) and renewables technologies.


GIS and Spatial Analytics

With expertise in visualizing spatial data, spatial analysis and optimisation we can integrate spatial data into ML models and data work-flows. Recent projects include spatial modelling of local wind resource and using remote sensing data to predict water quality.


Visualisation and Dashboarding

We love visualisations and their ability to deliver powerful messages. We live by the rule of maximising data to ink ratio whether it be for maps, histograms, heatmaps or plain old line chart. FEA offer everything from visualising model outputs to creating performance indicator dashboards and interactive maps.


Predictive Modelling

As data scientists our core expertise is in predictive modelling and machine learning, whether that be time series forecasting, statistical and probabilistic modelling or deterministic machine learning models. We have applied our skills right across the energy sector from computer vision detection of rooftop solar to nowcasting power output from wind farms.